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Type 2 Diabetes May Be Cured By This


Researchers have engineered a material that temporarily coats the small intestine and reduces the amount of glucose that enters the bloodstream during digestion.

When they tested the material — which is called Luminal Coating of the Intestine (LuCI) — on rats, they found that it reduced “glucose response” by almost half.

The scientists developed the material because they want to find a noninvasive treatment for reversing type 2 diabetes that is as effective as surgery.

The intention is that once swallowed and in the gut, LuCI forms a temporary coating and then dissolves harmlessly a few hours later.

A paper now published in the journal Nature Materials reports how the material temporarily coated the intestine in rats, acted as a partial barrier to nutrient absorption, and prevented blood sugar “spikes” following a meal.

“We envision a pill,” notes co-senior study author Prof. Jeff Karp, who is a bioengineer and principal investigator from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, “that a patient can take before a meal that transiently coats the gut to replicate the effects of surgery.”

Type 2 diabetes and obesity surgery

In type 2 diabetes, the body does not respond properly to insulin, which is the hormone that helps cells to convert blood sugar, or glucose, into energy.

The pancreas, or the organ that produces insulin, tries to compensate by raising insulin production. But eventually, this is not enough, and glucose levels start to increase, creating the conditions for prediabetes, and then type 2 diabetes.

source: medicalnewstoday.com



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