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Will This Help Your Acne?

While there are many medical products on the market to treat acne, Manuka honey may be an effective natural remedy.

Manuka honey is made by bees that collect nectar from the Manuka trees, which grow in southern Australia and New Zealand.

Along with other types of honey, people have used Manuka honey for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

The compounds and properties found in Manuka honey include the following:

  • methylglyoxal, an antibacterial compound
  • DHA, an omega-3 acid
  • leptosperin, a natural chemical in the nectar of the Manuka plants
  • sugar
  • amino acids
  • low pH (acidity)

Does manuka honey for acne work?

There is little research on Manuka honey as a treatment for acne, but it may offer some benefits when treating skin conditions.

Some research from 2014 indicates that honey has antimicrobial properties, anti-inflammatory benefits, and promotes wound healing.

Proponents of Manuka honey for acne think it helps treat acne due to the following:

Anti-inflammatory effects

According to the same study, antioxidants in honey produce anti-inflammatory effects.

Anti-inflammatory agents may reduce localized inflammation that develops with acne.

Antimicrobial properties

Manuka honey has an antimicrobial effect, which means it may destroy microorganisms, such as bacteria.

Bacteria can infect the pores and contribute to acne. Research indicates that Manuka honey may suppress about 60 species of bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

The high sugar content in honey may also play a role in preventing the growth of microbes.

Manuka honey is considered hygroscopic, which means it draws moisture out of the bacteria. Without water, bacteria cannot survive.

Wound-healing properties

According to one study, Manuka honey may promote wound healing because of several factors.

Manuka honey has a low pH and lowering the pH of a wound can speed up the healing process.

Honey also draws moisture out of the wound, helping it to stay clean and dry. The antibacterial effects of Manuka honey can also help wounds remain free of bacteria.

How to use Manuka honey for acne

People can use Manuka honey for acne can in many ways, including:

As a spot treatment

Try dabbing a small amount of Manuka honey on a pimple and leaving it on to dry.

As a mask

Make a Manuka honey mask by mixing the honey with lemon juice to create a paste. Apply the paste to the face as a mask for about 15 minutes or until it dries. Then rinse the mask off using warm water.

As a cleanser

Massaging a pea-sized amount of Manuka honey into the skin for a minute and then rinsing it off can help cleanse the face.




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