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No Bloating EVER With These 3 Drinks


Hibiscus-ginger tonic

Ginger has compounds called gingerols that have anti-inflammatory benefits,” says Josh Axe, a natural-medicine specialist. Another component of ginger supports digestion to help you break down food. “When foods aren’t broken down, they start to ferment in the gut,” explains Axe. “That’s what causes gas and bloating.” Hibiscus contains polyphenols that can help calm the digestive system. (Pregnant women should not consume hibiscus.)

Ingredients: dried hibiscus flowers, fresh ginger, raw honey

Parsley, fennel, and lemon tonic

Compounds in parsley can help kill off some bad bacteria and cause the liver to secrete bile, which helps break down fat, says Axe. Fennel acts as an antispasmodic, relieving cramping. Quercetin in lemon is anti-inflammatory.

Ingredients: parsley, fennel seeds, lemon, raw honey

Cucumber-mint tonic

“A lot of digestive issues can be caused by inflammation; that area of the body gets very hot,” says Axe. “Cucumber and mint are both very cooling.” Research shows mint may help relieve IBS by soothing pain from inflammation in the GI tract.

Ingredients: fresh mint, cucumber, sea salt




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