29 Healthy Tomato Recipes

Delicious recipes for spicy frozen Bloody Marys, peach-tomato salsa, caprese salad, and much more.

Healthy tomato recipes

Juicy, ripe and colorful, fresh tomatoes are one of the summer season’s greatest pleasures. If you have more tomatoes on hand than you know what to do with this year, try one of these delicious and healthy recipes to transform them into something truly special. From fresh, veggie-packed salads to decadent pastas and pizzas to hearty side dishes like tomato-cheddar cornbread, there’s something for everyone—and every time of day—on this list. Here, 29 of our all-time favorite tasty tomato recipes.

Zoodles With Tomatoes and Spinach-Caper Pesto

Try this recipe: Zoodles With Tomatoes and Spinach-Caper Pesto

This carb-free “pasta” dish is low in calories but packed with good-for-you nutrients. Keep tomatoes on the counter, not in the fridge, for the best flavor and texture.

Ingredients: Extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, baby spinach, parsley leaves, capers, hempseed, lemons, salt, black pepper, zucchini, avocado oil, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan shavings (optional)

Calories: 161

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