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5 Natural Ways to Cure a Sore Throat, Guaranteed



Sore throats are inconvenient at best and excruciatingly painful at worse. They always are impossible to ignore. When your throat is sore, you can’t eat right, and every swallow of water or food hurts.

Sore throats are generally symptoms of other illnesses. There are several different types of sore throats. The first and most common type is from the common cold virus. In this case, this type of sore throat is just going to be waited out. Other sore throats are caused by tonsillitis. Tonsillitis are inflamed tonsils, and depending on the severity, you may need to get treatment from a medical doctor for it. Another type of sore throat is caused by the strep bacteria. Strep throat is easily treated by antibiotics, but you will still feel a very sore throat in the process.

Thankfully, there are some inexpensive, simple and all natural home remedies to help keep you comfortable while you’re dealing with a sore throat.

Here are some of the best ones.

Stay very hydrated
It is difficult to keep drinking when your throat is sore, as swallowing hurts every time. But you will find that if you keep your body and throat hydrated, you will start to feel better faster, and your throat will be soothed when it’s hydrated. So keep up on the fluids.

Rest is crucial. If your body is fighting something off, if you’re pushing it physically, you are going to take energy away from your body’s efforts to battle the illness. So as much as possible, when you are dealing with a very sore throat, rest and allow your body to do it’s job.

Ice cream and other frozen treats
This is the one instance where it may be perfectly fine to indulge in frozen treats such as ice cream and popsicles without any guilt. The coldness may temporarily numb and sooth your aching throat.

Drink warm/hot tea with honey.
Honey is known to be soothing for throats, and so is tea. So combine them together and enjoy a sweet, hot drink. It will make your throat feel better in no time.

Use a humidifier
Cold, dry air is very painful for those who are struggling with sore throats and respiratory issues. So use a humidifier to make the air less harsh on your throat and lungs.

Breathe in steam
You can do this by standing in a very hot shower for a few minutes, or putting very hot water in a bowl and leaning over it with a towel over your head to trap in steam. This has a similar effect to using a humidifier, but may provide faster relief. Just be careful not to burn yourself if the steam if too hot.

So try these methods if you are struggling with a sore throat this season. You will be back to your old self in no time!



Sarah P


  1. Steve Roos
    April 6, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    Gargle with hydrogen peroxide, rinse well and spray some nano-silver into the throat. next day sore throat is gone. Works for me every time and for my wife as well.

  2. frmcd
    April 6, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    I disagree about the ice cream. Coldness weakens immune system as does sugar. Sugar slows down release of toxins, it’s like a drug.

    • Ray Amore
      April 7, 2017 at 3:42 pm

      frmcd. Agreed!

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