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Never Do This Exercise, Plus 2 Workout Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Lose Weight Easily


34239536 - portrait of exhausted male jogger resting in a urban placeHave you ever noticed that no matter how much you walk or jog or use the treadmill, it stops working after awhile? If so, there is good reason for that. When experts and the general fitness community talk about exercise and staying fit, they are most often talking about cardiovascular activity – exercise that includes many light reps and improves heart health.

However, what people don’t often discuss is that a steady stream of cardio activity actually increases a stress hormone called cortisol. Guess what? Cortisol causes weight gain, particularly around your midsection. It also makes your body hit a plateau when it comes to fitness levels. Cardio also makes your metabolism slower!

And if that wasn’t enough to scare you off, when your body is stressed out for prolonged periods of time, it starts producing free-radicals. Free-radicals cause cell damage and inflammation, which speeds up the aging process. Steady-state cardio puts stress on the body, so if you focus on cardio, you may actually be aging faster!

So you may want to reduce your cardio workouts and balance it out with muscle building and toning exercises as well. To that end, here are the 2 major things you want to keep in mind as you design your perfect workout, so that you get the most effects out of what you put in.

1. Forget crunches and ab workouts, they do NOT give you a flat belly!
Sure, our ab muscles feel very sore when we religiously do sit ups, crunches and side bends. But does it actually do anything for our abs?

The shocking truth is, our abs are designed to PREVENT our midsection from twisting, bending and crunching. This is because the purpose of our abs are to resist movement so that our spine can be protected!

So when you do a hundred crunches, even though you feel sore, all you’re doing is just putting pressure on your lower back, as your spine flexes too much.

2. Stop using gym machines!
It may feel like it’s easier to just workout using those machines, such as a treadmill or an elliptical machine. You can for the most part just get on them and mindlessly move your body. However, machines are very limiting to your body motions and muscle fibers. They can also lead to muscular imbalance over time, and also too much strain on certain joints.

Instead of using machines, find a workout that incorporates natural body movements with full range of motion.

If you want a good overall workout that burns fat, stop focusing on cardio, quit going to the gym, and start working on bodyweight exercises. Those will give you the most bang for your buck!




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