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If You Have These Symptoms, Do Not Ignore Them.

38044825 - senior man with painful lumbar discopathy
38044825 – senior man with painful lumbar discopathy

Many of the aches and pains we experience on a daily basis are simply a symptom of stress or overload, but there are some things that can be a sign of something serious, and should be paid attention to. So how do we know when to sleep it off and when to go to the hospital?

Below are 4 symptoms that you should never ignore:
1. Chest Pain
This one may seem obvious, but it would be shocking to find out how many people ignore serious symptoms like chest pain. This type of pain can be a sign of an impending heart attack. Often, this feeling is accompanied by a tight or heavy sensation, as if something big is sitting on your chest. Additionally, if you also have trouble breathing, nausea or sweating, you should go in and get checked out by a health care professional immediately. Chest pain can also occasionally be a symptom of a blood clot moving into your lungs.2. Wheezing
Breathing issues can be a sign of something much more serious. If you are struggling with wheezing (which is, a whistling sound as you breathe), go see a doctor right away. Airway obstructions can head south very quickly, and could be disastrous if not treated right away.

Wheezing can be caused by things such as asthma, severe allergies or chronic lung diseases. It can also be brought on by bad bouts of bronchitie and pneumonia. If you are coughing up yellow or green mucus and you’re having trouble breathing, call the doctor immediately.

3. Weakness in your extremities
Be particularly mindful if you are feeling weakness if your limbs. This could be a sign of a coming stroke. Pay careful attention especially if this weakness is coming from one side of your body. If you’re feeling weak in your arms and legs, and have dizziness, trouble walking and keeping your balance, and you feel confused, please go to a hospital immediately. For a large number of stroke patients, these symptoms are reversible if caught early enough.

4. Blood in your urine
Blood in your urine can be a very bad sign. If it accompanied by severe pain in your side or back, it could be caused by kidney stones. Most kidney stones can pass naturally, but some may need to be removed surgically.

Blood in urine can also be a sign of a kidney or bladder infection, and these conditions can get serious if not treated promptly.

If you have bloody urine and you don’t feel any pain, that could actually be worse, as it may be a sign of cancer in the bladder or kidneys. So please, if you see blood in your urine, do not ignore it.

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