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5 Unexpectedly Fun Ways to Build Your Immunity


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Nobody likes feeling sick, but in our society today, many of us fall chronically ill in some way or other. Stress and pollution are huge factors. Some of us struggle with being sick with one thing after another all winter long. How do we break the cycle?

Turns out, there are some ways to do so that are not only fun and easy, but will also make you feel happier at the same time:

1. Have more sex
Yes, a little known fact: Having lots of sex can boost your immune system, according to one recent study. In fact, having lots of sex was proven to increase the amount of cold-fighting substances in the body. Making love not only makes you feel good, it is good for your health as well!

2. Hang out with your friends… a lot.
Most people imagine friendships as having positive effects on your emotional and mental health, but did you know that it also makes a huge impact on your physical health? Studies have shown that those who have healthy relationships live longer than those who do not. If you’re struggling in your social life, you can take steps to slowly change that by strengthening bonds you have, and also, joining groups and classes that interest you.

3. Laugh a lot.
Laughter really may be the best medicine. It is also the only medicine with no negative side effects! Studies have shown that people’s immune systems worked more efficiently after being shown a bunch of funny videos. So go ahead and laugh as much as you can, it is going to make you healthier!

4. Get a pet
Pets are a boost to your immune system in so many ways. They’re not just good for companionship, they also give you another reason to get off the couch and exercise. Studies have shown that having a dog can help children’s immune responses, making them less likely to develop allergies. It has also been known that pet owners have healthier hearts.

5. Think positive
What you think makes a huge difference in your immune health. When you are feeling positive, your immune system is going to work better. So focus on the good things in your life and look for ways to let go of the negative stuff. Continue working on stress relief techniques.




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Sarah P

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  1. ExposeThem511
    September 8, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    What a bunch of spiritually decadent BS. This must be a Jesuit site.

  2. rickfell
    September 10, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    Good ideas? I think you left out diet and “serious” prevention. Some of the worst colds I have experienced were from a little sweet children who had all the love and pampering they could handle.

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