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Watching TV Could Cause This Shocking Men's Fertility Issue

44589454 - young man lying on sofa using remote control in front of television
44589454 – young man lying on sofa using remote control in front of television

Watching tv is not great for your eyes, and being a couch potato may cause you health issues in the long run simply because you’re being too sedentary. However, researchers have no found that excessive TV watching could affect men’s fertility levels in a shocking way as well.

Scientists at the Copenhagen University did a study on over 1200 young men who signed up for the Danish military between the years of 2008-2012, to measure the effects of TV watching on their sperm count. The volunteers were asked questions about their viewing habits, and each gave samples for sperm count. The results were undeniable. Those who watched more tv – about 5 hours a day or more –  had an average sperm count of 13 million per ml of fluid less than those who did not watch much TV. This was about 1/3 less than normal healthy sperm counts.

The young men in the study also showed lower levels of testosterone, the male hormone that the body uses to produce sperm.

Interestingly, the researchers discovered that sitting in front of a computer screen for hours did not have the same effect on testosterone levels or sperm count levels. It is possible that this could be because TV watching is more associated with those who eat unhealthy foods and get little exercise. Both of those lifestyle habits are very important when it comes to fertility.

In the past, there have been other studies that have connected fertility health and sperm quality and quantity to healthy diets and a decent amount of exercise each week.

This study could be helpful, in the light of the declining trend of lower sperm count in our society over the last decade or two. Some of the research has pointed their fingers at junk food diets. Other studies blame BPA – a chemical found in plastic production. Others even think it is due to traces of contraceptives found in the water supply. Now, this latest research say it could simply be caused by being sedentary.

So if you are male and are concerned about your fertility, you might take this into consideration to change some of your lifestyle habits. Just a simple thing like watching a little less TV and spending a little more time being active could make all the difference for you.


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