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This Is The Most Unusual Way to Improve Your Sleep, You'll Never Believe It


13914874_sAre you struggling to get enough sleep? There is one thing you can do that you’ll never believe can actually improve the quality of your sleep – sleeping naked. That’s right, retiring your pajamas and sleeping in the nude is very good for your health. There have been many studies that have proven numerous benefits from doing this. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Your body temp decreases.
One study showed that patients with insomnia tended to have much higher core body temperature averages than those who slept normally. So if you’re struggling to sleep, stripping before bedtime could lower your body temperature, which could in turn help you to get a better night’s rest.

2. This is how it was done by our ancestors.
It’s true – back in the true Paleo days, cave men used to sleep naked. This is according to a doctor from the John Hopkins Center for Sleep. These days, the “Paleo diet” is all the rage, so if you’re on the Paleo diet, you may as well try Paleo sleep habits along with it and receive the same benefits the cave men did!

3. It could boost your immune system
If you’re sleeping with a partner in your bed, sleeping naked can increase your quality of sleep by boosting your immune system. This happens because when skin-to-skin contact is present, our adrenal glands ease up on cortisol production. Cortisol is a hormone that is released when you’re stressed, and it suppresses the immune response. So if you’re producing less cortisol because you’re getting plenty of skin to skin contact, then your immune system will be stronger. Additionally, skin-to-skin contact also means higher levels of oxytocin – which promotes normal blood pressure and overall healing effects.

4. It makes you feel more emotionally satisfied.
In addition to getting the physical benefits of skin-to-skin contact, a survey done in 2014 found that almost 60% of people who sleep naked are happier in their relationship. So something about sleeping in the nude brings more intimacy and emotional happiness into your life.

So this spring, especially as the weather starts getting warmer, why not try out a new habit and toss out your pyjamas. You may just start experiencing the best sleep of your life!



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