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3 Foods That Make You Look Older Than You Really Are


5209355_sEveryone is searching for the fountain of youth. What if you knew that what you’re eating could be making you look older than you really are?

The saying “You are what you eat” is really true. The foods you are eating make a huge difference in the look and health of your skin, and could inevitably be causing you to have blemishes, wrinkles and bags.

If you figure out which foods trigger these effects, you may be able to not only reverse the effects of aging on your skin, but you will also be able to heal your gut and improve your whole health. Often, symptoms are diagnosed and treated in isolation. However, symptoms are often tied to each other and can be indicative of a wider systemic issue. If you change the foods you eat, you could not only end up looking younger, but you may also experience more energy and an overall feeling of well-being.

There are three main foods that can cause your skin to age prematurely.

1. Milk and Dairy
Cow’s milk contains a plethora of hormones – over 60, in fact. These are not hormones meant for human beings. They are meant for baby cows, as is the milk itself. So if you are a heavy dairy user, your hormone levels are going to be altered over time, and you may end up with inflammation, acne and puffy eyelids. You may also see lots of blemishes on the face, esp at the chin.

2. Sugar
Sugar is so integrated into our daily diets that we don’t really give it a second thought. But it is a dangerous addiction with very harmful side effects to your health.When you consume sugar, it attaches to proteins in your bloodstream and forms end products, called “advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGEs can cause your skin to became lifeless, producing wrinkles, saggy skin and eyelids, pasty looking skin and cystic acne.

3. Alcohol
Alcohol may be a guilty pleasure for many of us, but it can really add to your age. It can make your skin dry, and the fermented sugar causes the same skin aging effects as regular sugar does. If you regularly indulge in alcoholic beverages, you may start noticing enlarged pores, extra lines and droopy eyelids

If you eat any of these on a regular basis, you may want to rethink it and search for other substitutes instead. Perhaps you will start being told you look younger than you really are!


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