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Kraft Begins Massive Recall of Contaminated, Cancer Causing Macaroni and Cheese


7969529_sKraft has begun a massive recall of its boxed macaroni and cheese because of a contamination issue. As many as 6.5 million boxes of the product are being pulled off shelves because they may have been contaminated with metal.

The boxes that are being recalled have “Best When Used By” dates stamped on them ranging from September 18th, 2015 to October 11th, 2015. They were sold in the United States, Puerto Rico, and several countries in the Carribean and South American countries. Canada is excluded from this list. The boxes have “C2” printed on them, under the expiration date. This stamp shows the factory where the contamination was discovered.

Kraft received a total of 8 complaints to date about this macaroni and cheese products. The complaints were made about the original flavor 7.25 box, the 3-pack box of the original flavor 7.25 boxes, the shrink-wrapped 4-pack of the original flavor 7.25 oz and the shrink wrapped 5 pack of the original flavor 7.25 boxes.

All of these products contained small pieces of metal. Thankfully, there have been no reported injuries. Kraft released a statement saying,

“We deeply regret this situation and apologize to any consumers we have disappointed,”

Metal shards aside, processed macaroni and cheese may best be avoided anyway, because of its carcinogenic content. If you ever wondered why the food is so brightly colored, it is because of the food dyes in it – specifically, yellow 5 and yellow 6. Both of these chemicals are highly suspect and have been known to cause hypersensitivity reactions. In addition, both of these dyes contain benzidene and other chemicals that are carcinogenic. Yellow 5 can also cause genotoxicity, which can damage genetic information in cells, leading to mutation, disruption of cell reproduction and eventually, cancer.
It is really a shame that there is so little testing and knowledge out there of dyes and their relation to many of the health issues that have become epidemic today. Since food coloring does nothing to enhance the nutritional quality of foods, but instead, detract from them, one has to wonder why food manufacturers insist on putting them in foods.

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