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3 Strange Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight


3130189_sJanuary has come and gone, and many of us may be left in the dust with our diet and weight loss resolutions. Often, a weight loss plan starts off well as our motivation is strong and our bodies are responding. But soon, it often tapers off into a puzzling plateau. Many people never are able to figure out how to push past this plateau, and they end up back at square one.

There are some common reasons for this plateau, and then there are some that most people never think of. So if you are doing everything you can to keep the weight loss going and it isn’t working, then here are a few more unusual reasons that most never consider.

1. Working in an office too much
Many of us are in jobs that require us to sit in a chair most of the day. This wreaks havoc on our metabolism and fat managing mechanisms. If you are sitting around for a few hours or more a day, your body is going to stop making lipase, a fat-inhibiting enzyme, making it extra difficult for you to shed those pounds. However, there is a small thing you can do to change this. Just by standing, taking a little walk and stretching every hour, your metabolism will be boosted by as much as 13%.  You can also increase your calorie burn by doing simple motions such as bouncing in your chair or even tapping your feet.

2. Sleep Deprivation
Most of us are in a state of chronic sleep deprivation. We may continue to survive with the aid of coffee, caffeine laced sodas and other stimulants, but that doesn’t mean we are getting the amount of rest we need for our bodies to function well. This also puts a damper on your weight loss efforts. One study found that women who slept fewer than 4 hours were prone to eating several hundred more calories the next day. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body goes into survival mode and starts craving extra carbs and fats. So try your best to get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night to keep your weight loss efforts steady and out of a plateau.

3. Using your credit card
Yes, using your credit card could actually be a reason for your weight loss plateau! Strange, but true. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research showed that people who grocery shop with a credit card are much more likely to buy and consume junk foods that those who pay cash. The reasoning behind this is that when consumers did not feel the immediate hit to the wallet, they were more impulsive even though they were aware of the costs and consequences of the unhealthy treats and snacks.



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