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This Non Surgical, Painless and Easy Trick Will Get Rid of Your Skin Tags, Guaranteed


23743714_sAs you age, skin tags can start to become an issue for many people. For some they won’t be much of a bother, but for others, they can be very unsightly or keep growing until they cannot be ignored. Skin tags are simply benign flaps of tissue. They generally occur around upper area of the body, around the face, neck, chest, back, and sometimes the groin area.

Traditionally, people either deal with their skin tags by overlooking them, or if they become an issue, they may go to a dermatologist. At the dermatologist, you will have several options. First, the skin tag will be examined to make sure it isn’t something more serious. After that, there are several choices.

The first is to have the dermatologist remove it with a scalpel. Another option is to have laser surgery. This is relatively painless and quick, but the costs can rack up. Freezing or burning the skin tags off is also another option, but those methods have a potential to scar. Using topical medications are also a possibility, but may cause unhealthy chemicals to enter your body.

So, going to the dermatologist may present you with several options and they all will work, but, health insurance generally considers skin tags to be a cosmetic issue and do not cover the costs. So the dermatologist may be an expensive option and the procedures offered there may come with several unwanted side effects or scarring.

Good news: there is an easy and cheap way to bypass all of that. Here is a guaranteed way to get rid of your skin tags with no side effects or scarring whatsoever.

Go to the store and buy a jar of Vicks Vaporub. Then, twice a day, morning and night, completely cover the skin tag with the Vaporub. You will see the skin tag shrink over a couple of weeks, and eventually it will disappear without any scarring!

If you are a skin tag sufferer, hopefully you find this method easy to use. The only caution would be, do not use it anywhere near your eyes, as the Vaporub could cause burning and pain near the eyes.




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