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3 Negative Thoughts That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts


17077507_sLosing weight is something that is essential for health, and a large percentage of Americans focus on weight loss every day by tackling it with exercise, all kinds of diets, using supplements and many other conventional and unconventional approaches.

However, we may be missing the key here. Perhaps the secret to weight loss is not so much in the method, but in our minds. Many of us focus on thoughts that are negative and unhelpful to our overall health and weight loss journeys, when the thing is, if we just banished these negative thoughts and focused on a more positive outlook, our minds would stop getting in the way of the physical efforts we are making.

Here are some of the thoughts we should throw out:

1. I don’t have enough time.
This is perhaps the most common self defeating thought out there. We all have enough time for the things that are our top priority. If we are short on time, we can always push something that is less important off the list to make time for something further up the ladder of importance. If you don’t feel you have enough time to be healthy, it may be time to examine yourself and see if it is just an excuse. If it isn’t, then perhaps it would be helpful to figure out how to make time to lose weight, because health should always be one of your highest priorities.

2. Food fixes my problems and makes me feel happy.
This may not be something you are consciously thinking, but many of us struggle with this feeling subconsciously. People turn to food all the time when they are stressed or anxious. It can become a coping mechanism. But turning to food is not going to solve any of your problems, it is just going to compound them in the long run. So instead of reaching for food when you’re feeling emotional, try instead to work through your feelings and address the root cause instead of reaching for the food bandaid.

3. I don’t like feeling different from everyone else.
When you make a conscious choice to eat healthier, often you may feel isolated from your community as most people pay as much attention to what they eat or their lifestyle choices. It is a very real challenge as it is difficult to stand out and you may even be ridiculed for your choices from time to time. In the end, you are going to have to decide that you want to be strong enough to be different from everyone else, because in the end, you are going to have different results from everyone else, and these results are going to be worth it. You can also look at it this way – there is no need to judge others on their choices, but you have to decide if you are going to be a follower or a leader. Followers find it easy to just go along with what the crowd is doing. Leaders do things that they know are important and good for them, and eventually, others just want to follow along with them. So, be a gracious and strong leader in your health choices.

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