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Want to Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days? Try the Newest Health Cleanse on the Block


31600652_sCleanses – we’ve heard of them all. Some people do fruit juices. Others do green juices or smoothies. Bone broth is another cleanse, and there even the “Master Cleanse”, a dubious concoction of water, honey, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Following these cleanses for a week or two, many people claim to flush their toxins out and propel their weight loss efforts into a quick spin.

But move the greens and lemon juice over, because there is a new cleanse on the block and it could just change your life. It sure did change the lives of Kelly Choi and her mother.

Choi, 39, is a journalist, former host of “Top Chef Masters”, an ex model and former VJ for MTV Korea. More importantly, she is the author of a new book, “The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse.”

Born in Korea but raised in the United States since she was three years old, Choi first began appreciating and looking into the miracles of tea when she was in her 20’s. Although tea used to be a common drink in her house as it is in many Asian American households, with her former pharmacist Korean father making nightly ginseng teas and her former nurse mother making a “tea” from roasted boiled barley,  Choi’s family slowly and increasingly pushed the traditional healing teas aside as they became used to the American lifestyle, turning to sugary drinks like soda when they ran a convenience store in Virginia.

Unfortunately, over time, this led to Choi’s mother developing diabetes. As her mother’s illness progressed, Choi became interested in tea’s healing powers, and she ended up creating the tea cleanse that is laid out in her book. She got her mother to try it out. Amazingly, after just seven days on this cleanse, not only had they achieved the miracle of getting her mother’s blood sugar under control, but her mother also lost a whole nine pounds.

According to Choi,

It was as if tea was flattening her belly from the inside.

So what is the cleanse exactly?

Choi’s program divides teas into four categories:


Participants are supposed to drink each type of tea at particular times of the day, and have a tea plus fruit smoothie for lunch, and then finish off with a healthy dinner. As Choi points out, there is no starving involved, and you definitely get to eat while on the cleanse. Choi follos her own regimen and says that her habit of drinking 5 cups of tea a day keeps her own figure trim. Some of Kelly’s favorite teas to use in the cleanse are: ginger tea, chamomile tea and yerba mate.

Although some nutritionists warn that cleanses may slow your metabolism over the long term, Choi says her cleanse is healthy and effective, and

as simple as pouring the right cup of tea at the right time



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