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These 2 Exercises Will Make Your Health Worse If You're Over 45


31399850_sIf you’ve just now recovered from your Thanksgiving feast and are thinking it’s time to start trimming the extra pounds you gained from it, we have some news that may surprise you: Not all exercise is good for your health, especially if you are 45 and over.

In fact, recent studies show that some exercises that were once thought to help with weight loss and maintaining youth can actually cause inflammation, lean muscle loss and shockingly, increase of belly fat for those who are reaching middle age. This is because the hormonal changes that come with aging can make you gain belly fat more easily, as well as lose your lean muscle tone. In particular, we all start losing our “growth” hormone, which is what keeps people young. So what are these “unhealthy” exercises you should stay away from if you’re approaching middle age?

1. Ab exercises
So many who work out are obsessed with crunches and sit ups. But they are not in the least effective when it comes to targeting belly fat. In fact, the whole purpose of your ab muscles is to protect your spine and t prevent you from twisting and bending in excess, so if you overdo them, you may actually injure your lower back by causing stress to your spine. You cannot target weight loss, so go for an well rounded, all-body approach instead and don’t focus too much on your abs.

2. Cardio exercises
When most of us think of working out, we think of huffing and puffing on a treadmill or taking long run outside. But cardio is not the answer to weight and fat loss. In fact, studies show that too much cardio can overtax your body and cause your body to over produce cortisol – the stress hormone which can lead to belly fat gain. Additionally, long and drawn out cardio sessions could increase production of free radicals, the cell damaging molecules that cause chronic inflammation. This could lead to faster aging and the development of serious illness. These cardio sessions also lead to the break down of your lean muscles over time.

Instead of overdoing it on these two popular exercises, you should instead go for an approach that is tailored to your overall fitness and perhaps importantly, watch your diet, using exercise as a supplement to a good, healthy diet instead of a cure all to undo the damage of an unhealthy diet.




Sarah P

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  1. 4lifeandfreedom
    April 14, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    Seems that many in their late 40’s to 60’s are having heart attacks, and many of them have been fitness buffs.

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