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Think You're Healthy? 6 Quiet Warning Signs That You're Actually Not – Part 2


45609496_sIn Part 1 of this article, we started off discussing several ways your body is warning you that your health is going downhill that most people ignore. Here are a few more things to pay attention to.

4. Always Being Tired
Fatigue is a chronic problem for many people. Most people ignore it and handle it by drinking tons of caffeine and other stimulants to keep them going. However, if you are constantly tired, you should pay attention to it because it could signal that something deeper and more serious is going on in your body. Fatigue happens when your stress response mechanisms are turned on. If it is happening constantly, then your body is going into overdrive in an effort to protect you from infections and other illnesses. If your nervous system is cycling in a constant mode of stress response, this could be your body trying to tell you to pay attention before it gives out. Cutting out toxins from substances that induce stress such as alcohol, cigarettes and processed foods would be a good starting point to try to reduce your body’s load.

5. Your Skin Breaks Out
Acne and skin break outs are not just a hormonal teenage plague. It can also be a sign that your health is on the line. Skin is your largest elimination organ after all. So constant break outs could mean that your body is severely stressed out and going into overload trying to eliminate toxins. You may find that if you get your health under control, you may be able to get your smooth skin back without an prescriptions or acne products. Smooth skin happens from the inside out, not outside in.

6. You’re Shorter Than You Used To Be
It’s true – it’s possible to actually get shorter. And if that happens, it is really not a good sign. If you’re shrinking, it could be because your spine is starting to degenerate from osteoporosis. It is entirely possible to have healthy bones your entire life, and bone loss is not just a given with old age. So take care of your bones by eating plenty of bio available, healthy calcium, getting plenty of vitamin D from sunlight, and exercising sensibly.





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