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The Top 6 Hidden Hormone Disruptors In Your Home


41507573_sAmerican households today are filled with toxic chemicals that are known to mess with the human endocrine system. These substances have been proven in many studies to play a role in many health issues such as birth defects, kidney disease, decreased sex drive and infertility.

Here are the top hormone disrupting chemicals to watch out for and how to locate them in your home.

1. Lead
Lead is a heavy metal that is found in older paint, drinking water and pipes. Be especially careful if you live in an older house. Lead has been known to cause miscarriages, premature birth, and has also been linked to hearing loss and lowered IQ.

2. Mercury
Mercury can disrupt brain developement. It can also cause harm to fetal brains. While it is naturally occuring, mercury is nevertheless a toxic heavy metal that you should be cautious about. It can be found in seafood sources, particularly in specific fish such as king mackerel and swordfish.

3. Arsenic
Arsenic is a toxic substance that can sometimes be found in drinking water sources. If you are concerned about arsenic, do ask your local water supply source for the latest report on water quality in your area and make sure there is no arsenic in it. Arsenic has been linked to cancers of the bladder, lungs and skin.

4. Glycol Ethers
Glycol Ethers can be found household products such as cosmetics, cleaning products and paint. They are solvents and have been known to contribute to infertility.

5. Fire Retardants
Like their name suggests, fire retardants are used to make things less flammable. If you have carpet or foam based furniture in your home, they are probably covered with fire retardants. Unfortunately, these chemicals are known to imitate thyroid hormones, leading to a health disaster.

6. Phthalates
Phthalates refer to a group of chemicals called plasticizers that are used to make plastic more sturdy yet flexible at the same time. Phthalates can also be used as solvents. They have been linked to male infertility as they are known to cause the death of testicular cells.



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