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The Natural Pain Reliever That can Help You Avoid Diabetes


25480935_sSimilar to the way a peanut is not really a nut, Epsom salt isn’t really salt. Instead, it is a magnesium and sulfate mineral compound that is naturally occurring.

It has been used for years as a remedy for a variety of aliments. It is versatile, though, with uses as widely ranging as beauty, gardening, and household.

Magnesium and sulfate are each absorbed easily by the skin, which is why pouring a cup full of Epsom salts into your bath can be a simple way to reap some of the mineral’s health benefits.

Here are a few ways to use Epsom salts that you might enjoy:

Use it for body relaxation.

Dissolve Epsom salt into your bath water and the beneficial properties of the magnesium and sulfate compound will immediately be absorbed into the skin where it can go to work right away inside your body. The Epsom salt will enhance your serotonin production which will help relieve your stress. It will even reduce the effects of adrenaline in the body.

Use it for improved arterial health.

The Epsom salts will promote improvement in your circulation and help keep cardiovascular disorders from occurring by minimizing inflammation. It also safeguards the elasticity of your arteries. Regular use can help lead to a lower risk for build up of plaque and damage of the arterial walls. Soaking in a bath laced with Epsom salt as much as three to four times a week will help lower your blood pressure while making you a whole lot more relaxed.

Use it to relieve pain and cramps.

Epsom salts can help relieve your muscle tension, pain, and joint inflammation when it is absorbed through the skin. Even headaches and abdominal cramps can be tamed with a simple soak in a warm water. You’ll appreciate what it does for tired and sore feet after a long, hard day. Sprinkle in a few drops of essential oils to maximize your enjoyment.

Use it for regulating your blood sugar.

Both the sulfate and the magnesium in Epsom salt helps improve the production and use of insulin in the body. You can take the salt orally, if you like. It will help reduce your risk of diabetes by regulating your blood sugar levels and boosting your energy levels.


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