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6 Steps To Healing Auto Immune Disease


42385888_sAuto immune disease is certainly a buzzword in the medical community today. As more and more collections of inexplicable and mysterious symptoms show up to plague millions of people in this country, it is becoming clearer that many of these symptoms and diseases have auto immune issues at the root.

Some of the more commonly diagnosed auto immune diseases are: Lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease.

Most often, these illnesses are treated by cocktails of toxic, powerful drugs that not only do not address the core of the health problems, but actually suppress the immune system even further. In reality, to heal auto immune disease, you first have to fix the underlying cause – inflammation – which has been tied to almost every disease known, from cancer to depression.

Inflammation happens when you are barraged by toxins, allergens, stress or infections. If you don’t soothe the inflammation and take care of it, your immune system gets confused and instead of fighting the allergen, it starts attacking your own body instead. The most common sites of attack are the gut, joints, thyroid and skin. Sometimes, the entire body is targeted.

Here are 6 natural steps toward taking your body back and turning your immune system around.

1. Make sure your diet is full of rich, immunity building nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids. Eating a diet full of fresh produce and getting plenty of sunshine in the warmer months will go a long way toward supporting your immunity system.

2. Stress is a major contributor toward immunity weakness. To combat this, choose a meditative relaxation technique such as yoga, massage or deep breathing.

3. Foods are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to hidden allergens. What you put in your body really does matter. So try an elimination diet to see if there are foods that may be setting you off, or get allergy testing done.

4. It is possible that you may have underlying infections that you do not know about, such as Lyme disease, candida, and other bacterial or viral infections. So get those checked out and treat them if applicable.

5. Gluten is a trigger for auto immune responses. Any doctor can do a blood test for celiac disease, so this would be a good one to rule out.

6. Take probiotics and make sure your gut health is in tip top shape. The bacteria in your gut makes up a large part of your immune system.





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