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Vaccines: Whether You're For Them Or Against Them, Why Not Consider This Safe Alternative Instead?


14774230_sThere appears to be two firm camps on the vaccination issue. One camp is openly anti vaccine and have laundry lists of why vaccinations are dangerous at worst and unnecessary at best. On the other hand, the pro vaccine camp generally seems to think that the anti vaccine camp is completely ignorant and uneducated. This camp has their own explanations for herd immunity, why vaccines are crucial to stop spreading disease, and how people who refuse to vaccinate are endangering the lives of those who have compromised immune systems.

Regardless of what you believe, it is clear that vaccines do carry some risk of negative and damaging side effects, which are usually listed right on their information sheets by the manufacturers. Many people ignore them, but they are there if you care to read the fine print. So what is a person to do if you want disease protection but feel less than 100% sure about the safety of vaccines for either you and/or your children and grandchildren?

Enter homeoprophylaxis – an alternative to vaccines that has shown great promise of being effective and safe at the same time.

Homeoprophylaxis is a two century old application of homeopathy used against contagious disease. Dr. Isaac Golden, PhD. of Australia is largely responsible for pioneering many of the clinical studies for the last twenty years. It uses “nosodes”, which consist of products from the disease – for example, tissue containing the disease agents, or tissue affected by the disease agents. Occasionally, some nosodes may be produced from a vaccine that contains the organisms. Nosodes are prepared in a diluted form, typical of homeopathic medicines in general.

It is impossible to get a disease from nosodes, as any viable organisms are diluted and inactivated. When the body encounters nosodes, an immune response happens which stimulates and teaches your body to learn to protect itself.

So how is this different from a conventional vaccine? In the biggest way possible – homeopathic nosodes are processed to be pure, and do not contain any additives. This means, they are free from the preservatives, antibiotics, chemicals, foreign DNA and other unsafe matter in conventional vaccines that many claim causes irreversible injury to children and adults every year.

Although conventional medical practitioners regard homeoprophylaxis with skepticism, it is encouraging to note that Dr. Golden’s studies show long term success and health for children. It is exciting to know that there is a safe vaccine alternative out there that could impact the lives and health of so many. If you are at all concerned about vaccine safety yet are not convinced that going unvaccinated is the answer, please do your research when considering your options.

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