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4 Foods that Will Age Your Skin Fast


IMG_4015.JPGWant to look younger? Tired of rapidly aging skin? The foods you are eating may be a big part of the problem. Many dermatologists agree that what you eat can affect your skin, for better or for worse.

While the occasional consumption of an unhealthy indulgence may be okay, over time a diet full of unhealthy foods and substances can speed up your skin’s aging process.

Here are the top 4 foods to watch out for if you want your skin to look healthy and young in the long term.

1. Alcohol
Not only is alcohol dehydrating, which directly affects your skin health – it also affects your quality of sleep. Lack of sleep is associated with accelerated aging and is linked to wrinkles, reduced elasticity of skin and uneven pigmentation. Additionally, too much alcohol overburdens your liver, and if toxins build up in your liver from the overload, your skin may develop conditions such as acne, wrinkles and Rosacea outbreaks.

2. Salty Foods
Most Americans consume excessively high levels of sodium daily. Excess sodium can cause dehydration, as well as water retention. This could cause your skin to look puffy and bloated, and bags may develop under your eyes. The dehydration could also cause dry and cracked skin or an overproduction of oils as your oil glands try to compensate for the dehydration of the skin.

3. Sweet Treats
Natural sugars in fruit is wonderful for your skin, but ironically, sugar overload from processed sugar can cause a process called “glycation” to happen. The extra molecules of sugar combine with proteins to create something called “AGES” – Advanced Glycation End Products. Ultimately, AGES will damage the collagen in your skin that keeps you looking firm and young.

4. Grilled Meats
What do grilled meats (and other foods) have to do with your youthful looks? That black char on your steak or burger may contain pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons. Inflammation breaks down collagen in your skin. You don’t necessarily have to give up cooked meat, but do make sure to try and scrape off the burnt black parts and clean your grill thoroughly between uses to get it all off completely.

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