7 Health Foods That Aren’t

foodFake. Phony. Scam artist. No matter what you call it, being at
the wrong end of a health hoax is never fun. You might expect
sneaky marketing claims from fast-food chains, but these seven
foods are more along the lines of a sucker punch.

The latest case: Nutella. Sure, their commercials make the spread
sound like a wholesome mix of hazelnuts, skim milk, and a touch
of cocoa, but it turns out Nutella’s about as healthy as a Milky
Way. One woman was so appalled when she realized that two
tablespoons of her go-to breakfast spread packed in 200 calories,
21 grams of sugar, and 11 grams of fat, that she took the company
to court…and won. (In fact, if you bought a jar of Nutella
between January 2008 and Feb 3, 2012, you’re entitled to a

Unbelievably Bad Fast-Food Breakfasts

But Nutella isn’t the only nutrition sham at the grocery store.
No matter how you slice it, a number of “healthy” foods fall
seriously short on their promises. How many of these fast-talkers
are fooling you?

“All-Natural” breakfast cereals Kashi, Kellogg’s “natural” brand,
is currently under fire from consumers over the fact that the
ingredients used in their cereals aren’t completely natural as
their marketing implies. In fact, scientists from the Cornucopia
Institute recently detected GMO material in 100 percent of the
soy in Kashi GoLean.

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